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Little Neighborhood School - My Lastochka

in Sherman Oaks. We are located at Moorpark St. and Woodman Ave!

We’re more than just a daycare, we’re a nurturing community where your child can grow, play, and learn. Our backyard is like a big playground, waiting for little hands and feet to explore.

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Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka hero
Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka hero
Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka


We're dedicated to providing top-quality care and education. We want families like yours to choose us because we believe in making a real difference in the lives of our children. Together, we're shaping the future one little dreamer at a time.

We're more than just a daycare

We’re a nurturing community where your child can grow, play, and learn. Our backyard is like a big playground, waiting for little hands and feet to explore:

Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka

A Sports Area

Where children learn to work as a team and build physical strength.

Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka

A Sandbox

A place where creativity comes to life and little builders flourish.

Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka

A Patio

For sharing stories, songs, and laughter.

Little Neighborhood School-My Lastochka

Trees and Flowers

For your child to connect with nature and learn about the world around them.


Preschool Program

Our preschool program isn't just about fun and games (although we have plenty of those too!). We have designed a great educational program that prepares your little ones for preschool and beyond.all while encouraging

With our loving guidance, your child will be school-ready in no time.


Our preschool sparks imaginative thinking through art and play, setting the stage for a lifelong love of learning.


We fuel curiosity with science and stories, inspiring a future filled with exploration and discovery.


We nurture empathy and respect, shaping not only school-ready kids but also compassionate individuals.


Our preschool sparks lifelong innovation, nurturing curious minds to shape a brighter world.

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My Lastochka
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Anna SharafutdinovaAnna Sharafutdinova
20:05 20 Mar 24
We visited this daycare for two years. Excellent educators and teachers always treat children with care and love. Our daughter loved this place very much and misses it madly. We thank My Lastochka for all the upbringing invested in our daughter. Very appreciated.
Анастасия ЮАнастасия Ю
17:42 22 Jan 24
Great place for kids. The child is happy to attend this school. Very kind and understanding teachers. The child is helped at all stages. Thank you very much to the school and management.
Анна ЖуковаАнна Жукова
06:54 26 Nov 23
Popo PetrosPopo Petros
04:52 26 Oct 23
I cannot speak highly enough of MY LASTOCHKA. Our experience here has been nothing short of incredible, and I am so grateful for the nurturing and educational environment they have provided for my child.From day one, it was evident that the teachers and staff genuinely care about the children's well-being and development. Their dedication to creating a safe, engaging, and supportive atmosphere is truly commendable. My child eagerly looked forward to going to school every day, and that, in itself, speaks volumes about the positive experience they had.The curriculum at MY LASTOCHKA is not only educational but also incredibly creative. My child's growth, both academically and socially, has been remarkable. They've learned so much while having a fantastic time. The preschool's approach to teaching and learning is innovative and tailored to each child's needs.Communication with the staff has always been open and transparent. They keep parents well-informed about what's happening in the classroom and the progress of our little ones. This level of engagement and collaboration has been a huge reassurance for me as a parent.I wholeheartedly recommend this preschool to any parent seeking a preschool that values education, creativity, safety, and the overall well-being of their children. The teachers and staff go above and beyond, and I am excited to see how my child's journey continues to unfold here.
Natalia R. BiroNatalia R. Biro
19:59 05 Sep 23
We have been loving sending our daughter to My Lastochka. Her father and I speak several languages at home, which can be difficult for a toddler. Russian was the hardest of the languages for her to learn. But, at this daycare, she went from not speaking Russian that well to speaking Russian in full sentences and knowing all sorts of songs and expressions. It was really incredible how much she learned in a short amount of time! The teachers have been so warm and loving to her, especially Anya and Alina. I know that they also have music and other languages teachers. She eats and sleeps very well while at school and loves to tell me about the delicious meals she has there. They are working with her on potty training too. She has made friends she loves to tell me about and really loves going every day!
Dan ZamylinDan Zamylin
03:13 18 Aug 23
Our son has been at 'My Lastochka' for over two years and it's been a wonderful experience. The environment is warm and positive, and the place feels truly welcoming. The teachers stand out with their professionalism and genuine care for the children. Thanks to their guidance, our son has flourished. If you're searching for a quality daycare, I highly recommend 'My Lastochka'. They've made it feel like a second home for our child.
Anastasia VaraksinaAnastasia Varaksina
18:04 11 Aug 23
"My child has been at this daycare since December 2020, and I couldn't be happier with the care they've received. The teachers are wonderful, always friendly and patient. The environment feels safe and welcoming, which made it easy for my kid to settle in. It's been such a relief to know my child is in good hands while I'm at work. They've had a great time and learned a lot during their time here. I'm grateful to have found a daycare that feels like a second home for my child."
Olga TsoyOlga Tsoy
19:45 04 Aug 23
We had great experiences here. I would highly recommend this daycare center to my family and friends. After 3, 5 years of preschool and kindergarten we have to leave to start a first grade. It's a safe place with fun activities and a strong kindergarten preparatory program.
Lana ZabavskyLana Zabavsky
20:40 28 Jun 23
I have three kids, so I have seen my fair share of daycare centres, and My Lastochka is by far one of the best! My son loves coming here! Anya takes such an amazing care of all the kids, the food there is always amazing including lots of veggies and fruits, and the love and education each child gets is simply outstanding! If you are looking for a daycare where your child will feel cared for, spend plenty of time outdoors and get well prepared for school, this is the place for you!
I can honestly say that My Lastochka is the best preschool in the area. Two of my boys are attending school, one of them is graduated this summer and going to a kindergarten. He is not even six but he can already read and write in both languages Russian and English. As well as do additions, not the simple ones like 2+2, but more complicated ones, like 3+4+5 😉 The school where he's going to said that they might bump him up to a first grade because he is way above the average. Thank you My Lastochka for such a great education.
Aleksandra ZaitsevaAleksandra Zaitseva
21:54 10 Dec 19
I am deeply grateful to My Lastochka for the love and passionate care provided to our children throughout the past three years. All the teachers truly love and know what they do. All the staff is very professional, but the owner is always on top of things. She's always available if you have any questions or concerns and you always can trust her advice.All teachers are very kind and patient. Our children have learned a lot academically and socially and absolutely love everyone.I can not thank you all enough for this great preschool experience. I will always speak highly of the quality of education and safe environment at My Lastochka .